A little about me. 

Thanks for visiting my portfolio. I'm Melissa Dryer, and I'm currently an Email Marketing Analyst at Salesforce. I have 8+ years in marketing experience.

I'm proud to call myself an "email geek" and I've done a lot of email marketing, but I'm not limited to just email. I've also held roles designing products, print, web, coding and project management. After years of designing while only scratching the surface, I decided to pursue my Masters in Human-Computer Interaction at IUPUI's School of Informatics.

In that time, I learned to hone in on my UX skills from a design and research perspective. To me "design" involves more than just aesthetics; design needs to be functional as well. Designing with feelings creates empathy, and I firmly believe that knowing who, what, and why you are designing will determine the success of your product.

Some code I'm currently dabbling with is JavaScript and SQL. I'm also working on my next Salesforce certification this year.

On a personal level, I love being around people, hanging out with my family and working on DIY home projects.