Comms App

Communication App - UX

Role: Lead Designer for mobile app

We envisioned this product as a unifying platform for all your messaging. ​Multiple streams, feeds, applications and devices mean it’s no longer simple to communicate with your loved ones, friends or coworkers. The system will gather messages from a variety of different apps and platforms to display them in one place. Are some family and friends on Facebook? Others only use SMS texting? How about Gchat or WhatsApp? No problem ­­ you can merge all these conversations in one spot.

No more downloading new applications just to tend to one relationship or task.
The system will also archive these messages, enabling you to filter them and query specific pieces of data on demand. Can’t remember whether that project quote came from a text message or social media, or was it email? No problem ­­ just search for the keywords in our database of your messages.

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