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Product Page - UX

Role: Lead UX Designer and developer.
Central Restaurant Products is a wholesale restaurant company servicing all of North America.

Central Restaurant Products presented me with the task of updating the product page on their main website to increase conversion. I started my process from scratch. My process began by researching our competitors and doing some preliminary online research on basic UX needs for product pages. From here I was able to gather a series of screenshots from competitors. Next step, I analyzed what they were offering that we did not. Things I noticed that Central was lacking:

-Large product images

-Ability to zoom in on images to see the details

-Large CTA 

-Color of CTA

-Live stock availability (to push a sense of urgency)

I presented my findings to the Marketing team and CEO, who agreed to let me drive the changes. Lastly, I took the existing HTML and updated the code with the above functions.

Outcome: Newly designed Product Page and increased conversions.

Challenges: In hindsight, we should have presented a prototype to the users of the page, restaurant owners and employees to see what they needed. Though it did increase conversions, I feel like this was just a start to the UX process and should be an ongoing effort by this company. This project also challenged me to learn coding across all browsers.

Final product:

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